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September 22, 2009



I don't mean this as an insult so please don't take it that way. When I read "This may sound harsh, but I don't feel obligated to use every person who comes along who might play an instrument" how is that not saying "Yes, God may have given you a gift to play but you're not good enough for us. Go play to God somewhere else"? Telling people their gifts from God aren't good enough just doesn't seem like something Jesus would be telling us.

Troy Kennedy

Thanks JC. I appreciate your honesty. I don't think any of us would say that we are all equally gifted by God in any given area. Or that people are always aware of the truth regarding their ability. (Ever seen American Idol?)

For whatever his reasons, God apportions to all of us talent and experiences that are different. The body of believers is extremely diverse and we all have a place. A person may have an average talent or skill set and another may be better. There are lots of opportunities for people to serve God with whatever gifts they have aside from Sunday morning in a band. It is one of my jobs as a pastor to point people in the direction of their greatest giftedness and ultimately, greatest joy in serving Gods Kingdom.


Thanks Troy. Appreciate the response.


Troy - Excellent post. This exact advice you provided me earlier this year helped solidify what the Lord was doing with our worship team. Thanks for your heart to encourage other worship leads!

Harold Forbis

Troy, this really is excellent advice. I find that maintaining the family identity with one team, and rotating members, rather than breaking up into A-team, B-team, etc., for the reasons you list, has always been the healthiest way to go about it. Sometimes it's difficult to match player and singer strengths and weaknesses to have consistently solid group, but figuring that out is part of leading sheep, isn't it?

I think you see this model in I Chronicles 25, with the sons of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun, who were all one team, scheduled to serve in rotating shifts by casting lots, "the older with the younger, the teacher with the student."

In years past, I have scheduled 100 team members for 30-35 worship meetings a month, with Bible college meetings, multiple Sunday meetings in multiple locations, children's services, and other needs being served at the same time. Even though at that time we had specific teams assigned to some of these different venues for practical reasons, the team members within those groups still served on a rotating basis, and we had many members serving on multiple teams, all with the understanding their team was part of the larger whole and available to serve anywhere needed.

Anyway, good post, thanks for provoking the thought.

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