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October 28, 2008


Marie Riley

Couldn't have said it better myself. We're seeing more and more of this as we want more and more non-believers to "like" our Jesus more. It just doesn't work. I also really appreciated your Oprah post.

January Lare

My dad has cancer and is in his final days. I have been interviewing him to get all of his "life stories" down on paper before he goes to meet Jesus. This process has opened my eyes to sides of my dad that I never knew about before. Some of the things I've learned make me admire him more--other things make me wish he hadn't told me because it changes my mental image of who he is. But the more I learn, the more I understand his character in light of truth without my own pretenses attached to it--and this somewhat correlates to your blog entry, Troy. The more we dig into the Word and learn who Jesus is, the more we may be stunned at some of what we learn because it may dispell our own version of spiritual reality. Once we acquire this knowledge, we must decide what to do with it--accept it all or reject it all. Choosing to believe only some of what we read in the scripture deprives us of receiving truths that are meant to teach us how to live. After all, we can't be Christ-like if we don't know what Christ is really like. After learning the real truth of my dad, I can honestly say I am the spitting image of him in so many ways--ways I never realized until he was on his death bed and I took the time to really pursue him. In the same manor, I hope when Jesus looks at me he can see parts of himself in my character as well, and be proud that I have chosen to earnestly try to understand who he is.

Chelsea Gibbs

Hey Troy,

This was a great piece. I am an avid speaker against those who are
politically correct, I honestly think they are retarded, but anyway.
Yeah, I guess, in this scenario, I fall into the same category and
think just like them. I have always just kind of "forgot" about those
unmentionable aspects of God or said, "Well, that was in the OLD
testament"... as if he had changed or something. Huh, you have puzzled
me Troy because I guess I am afraid of embracing ALL of God and
modeling EVERYTHING about him. Will that change me? Negatively?
Positively? I'm not sure. But when you said, "I don't want to cherry
pick the character of God" I realized I don't want to do that either.
I guess I am going to have to man up and eliminate my, I guess
irrational, fear of embracing the entirety of God.

Thanks Troy, see you on Sunday :)

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