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August 27, 2007


Eric Powell

I had the same thought as you regarding Keyboard-driven (progressive) music. I wouldn't necessarily say it's making a comeback, but I would say that I hear more of it than I used to.

My ear is very keen to keys because they are my main instrument as a worship leader. In the last few years I have been hearing more keys in songs overall.

I still love guitar and really need to learn to play :-)

Rich Kirkpatrick

Its out there, and modern worship being led from a keyboard is a lot of fun--thats what I do, by the way. I think the worship recordings we have are just too narrow musically compared to the sounds we hear on radio. (Everything from R&B to country). Kathryn Scott is a great example of what I'd like to see more of--a gal leading and on piano. But, the guitar wall is so much a staple and electric guitar is indeed bigger than ever.

Crystal Renaud

i am not a worship leader for a living, but as a lead worshipper in the crowd, i do like me some keyboards. :)


Guitar is easier to lead worship with. I know its just me but the whole thing just seems so artificial. (I lead worship alot throughout HS and College)
My forcast for music in general is for something totaly new and different. Inevitably electronic based or people playing instruments similar to guitar but not with 6 strings. Think lutes, ukuleles...Anything that is unique and appears to show authenticity. Guitars with distortion are even being over done. Commercials on TV for the most lame products in the world have ripping guitar riffs(good ones). It will eventually not be seen as unique as it used to be.

Brian King

My personal opinion is that I love variety. There may not be a huge swing back to keyboard driven songs, but to throw a few in the mix I think is a good idea. Also the use of electric vs. accoustic to mix things up can be good too. You could go old school and start kickin' it with an organ...nah


As a longtime piano/keyboard player, I can tell you that I don't particularly care for strickly guitar driven worship. I love the songs I hear on the CCM radio stations, but to duplicate them to a "T" and sing them for praise and worship makes me feel like a "cover band". If I wanted to do a concert, that approach would be ok, but that's not my purpose on a Sunday morning! My purpose is to lead others into worship of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I think that there is a distinct difference in music that is written for radio and the music that is written for P&W. Occassionally you'll find a song that works for both ("How Great Is Our God") but usually a CCM song heard on the radio is just that,...a good radio song.


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