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August 22, 2007


Crystal Renaud

i've still been waiting and watching for your latest post. :) glad to see it come. it's funny because i was actually going to leave a comment just YESTERDAY saying, "ok time to update" - so you beat me to the punch. its been an honor to see you in this leadership role and to have been able to pray for you and follow the leading of you and leadership team. it's been a hard time for all of us, but not one that i feel i will ever regret having to walk through. the strength and trust-building in my relationship with my Savior as a result of this season is something that will forever shape me. and for that i am grateful.

i am thankful to call you my friend, troy. and am continuing to have you covered in prayer as we continue walking this road together as a staff and church body.

ps. please change my link on your blogroll to http://pinkhairedgirl.net or remove me completely since the link you have it now invalid. thanks!

Lesli Bieganski

It's good to see you're still alive in the blogosphere, Uncle Troy. You and your church have been in my prayers through all of this, and I'm sure God is honing those leadership skills in you to His glory and the benefit of those around you. Much love to the whole Kennedy clan.

anne jackson

howdy my friend. i hope you, gwennoli, and the boys are doing well.

much love,

ps-chris is leading worship again!!


Hi, Troy! I'm glad that you enjoyed "Jim & Casper Go to Church." I'm a volunteer with Jim's organization Off the Map and I wanted to let you know about our Live event coming up this November in Seattle. Both Jim and Matt Casper will be speaking at this event. Here is the link if you want to find out more: http://www.offthemap.com/live


My Brother!
How I have loved you and Gwen! Prayed for you. Thanked God for you. God has certainly seasoned you two for battle, Positoned you for war and established you for victory. You were sent at the right time, to the right place, God, knowing all things, His concern was that in spite of the frailty of man, the Kingdom would continue to advance! Having fought a few battles myself, in the past and also recently, it sure it good to be in the company of some holy ghost gangtas, that are always packing and know how to chase a devil down, break a few knees caps if need be... The GOD FATHER has armed us and Nobody messes with the family!! Keep on, keeping on! The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take by force.Let's just get on with it! Even when I get scared sometimes,I'm still gonna holla "CHARGE!"
Love you!!

Debbie Vaughan

Read your blog after getting the email about your cd. Sounds like you're in the midst of some serious things right now. When situations like these arise, it's sometimes difficult to see the good, especially since they seem to be happening all around us. I am encouraged that you are seeing good come out of it. I heard someone say once, that contrary to the voice of doubt that would say this is evidence that there is no God and Christians are no different, the reality is that this is evidence that God is in control, because He chastens those whom He loves and is serious about a spotless Bride. It is a sobering reminder of is His grace, love, and longsuffering toward His Church as well as His holiness that causes Him not to allow things to continue. Yet, He always desires to set free, restore, heal and make whole. Blessings and much grace and strength to you, your family, your team and your church as you continue to strengthen the foundations and rebuild the walls.
Debbie Vaughan

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