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November 12, 2006



i always have serious hesitations when it comes to these type of worship service questions. i checked out the article and i appreciate Pastor Stevens' note that this all depends on the purpose of our service....
my primary hesitation lies in the need for us to be IN the world but not OF the world... i don't believe that our worship needs to be OF the world.
secondarily, i'm also concerned that we may unintentionally communicate that we approve of the messages that the "world" throws out for us.
lastly, many praise band members fight the battle of feeling like the church's rockstar when leading worship, and i'm afraid that employing pop/secular songs might perpetuate an unnecessary temptation.
i have been a part of, and participated in leading, services that have used secular songs to make a point. nevertheless, the use of this style of music must be handled with extreme caution within a worship setting.....

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