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June 13, 2006


Mama G

Tim's story will be inbedded into my mind. He has found, walks in, and explains grace like I have never read before. This article has enriched my life. Thank you!


This is really powerful!!! Thank you.

Crystal Renaud

This has been an incredible testimony to read. Thanks for posting it but thanks most of all to Tim for being couragous in sharing his story. I believe this will help many men & women who struggle with homosexuality.


That was so inspiring. You are truely a follower of Christ! Not to sound trivial or like I'm talking down at all, but, I am proud of you. I don't know you, but I can see the struggle and the brokeness. May you reach out daily to our Father and to his children for love and support. It is my hope that those around you, surround you with their brotherly/sisterly love!!!

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