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August 30, 2005


Anne Jackson

For trying on my favorite gap jeans, i received some free itunes downloads...

now i know how to spend them.

thanks for the suggestions.

Mainline Protestant

Anything by Brian Eno is worth checking out. He's been around a long time and has recorded many, many albums.

Of his first solo works, Another Green World is my fave. For great rock stuff - you can't go wrong with 801: Live.

His first foray into ambient type stuff was Obscure Melodies. He offered detailed descriptions of how he set up side by side open reel recorders to create the slow delayed echo of the title piece. I duplicated the setup and with a super cheezy kit synthesizer created my own obscure melodies. Big fun.

Crystal Renaud

heck yes you're moving to a ministry in kansas! :-)

(just stumbled across your typepad - quite random)

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