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June 07, 2005


Jeff Keezel

Worship music style and genre is all about marketing and sales. There is a set group of styles and everything fits into one style or another. That makes it easy for store owners and easy for radio stations and easy for consumers.

If you liked "______" then you'll probably like "______".

The same thing is happening in secular music. Could you imagine someone like Frank Zappa getting a recording deal in this music market today? It would never happen.

And musicians with a totally unique sound and style will never break into the worship music scene either...thekeez

Jeff Keezel

As I scanned your sidebar while thinking about the main post, I noticed your U2 writeup. I saw them in May with my daughter - my first U2 concert - pretty much ignored them all these many years.

While waiting to get in, we struck up a conversation with a couple of folks - they were old U2 veterans. The comment that stuck with me was, "A U2 concert is like goin' to church..."

And indeed it was. The music was stupendous of course. But what struck me at least as much was the reaction of the crowd. To hear so many people singing, engaged in what was happening - very powerful, very uplifting.

Of all the stadium shows I've seen over the decades, I'd never seen one where virtually everyone up to the rafters was totally locked in on the event.

I'm thinking of the band referred to in the main post - the guys who were afraid of looking like they were entertaining. They need to go to a U2 show...thekeez

debbie laurin

I think we really need some fresh wind in the church as far as creativity goes. I believe there is some new stuff developing out there. To get inspiration and new ideas for worship and church we are going to need to look outside the church. I think a dilemma we face in such a large Christian subculture is originality and freedom to experiment with new things. When I think of music I have really enjoyed that could be labeled as worship music, I enjoy it because it is different than a lot of the stuff out there. A lot of these bands draw from outside influences, but form it into their own style.

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