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April 01, 2005



I wonder if it is PC to comment on a post that had to do with one of your previous comments....

This article hit me so clear between the eyes. Easter week was crazy at our church. We had 13 services spread over 3 days, and all the ministry staff put so much time and energy the week before getting everything "just right" from how clean our facilities were before and in between services, to making sure we have parking lot attendants. Since most anyone reading this doesn't know our parking situation...We have a "church-in-the-box" that we moved into 5 years ago with about 500 attenders, and close to 200 parking spots which was sufficient. We now have over 3600 attenders (over 6500 on Easter) and still only have 200 parking spots on-site. Primetime, there are probably 700 or so people per service (not Easter...just any given Sunday) and it can take up to 20 minutes easily to get from the farthest spot from the exit, out on the road. Do we have parking lot attendants every week? No way. Sadly, we don't. But on Easter weekend, we had 3 at every one of the "peak" services.

From my standpoint, I know that I put in the "extra" time and effort for some cool visual elements for something as simple as song motion backgrounds (which we normally use standard motion backs)...but for Easter, I built everything to click tracks of the songs and created imagery specifically designed for the flow and mood of the songs, especially the first song and the last song, since those were more "special music" than songs that an attender would engage in. I really felt that they needed to be ultra-involving.

But, why do I perform based on that mindset only three times a year (Easter, Christmas & our once-a-year, rent out the convention center for one big service that everyone attends event.) instead of every week? Shouldn't every weekend have the potential to be as engaging, motivating, involving, touching, powerful, insert your own adjective here as a "special weekend?"

I apologize for the novella. For the last few days, I've been extremely convicted of my thinking in somehow mindlessly "blowing off" every routine weekend.



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