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March 31, 2005


Debbie L.

The article has some truths to it about our news media and information overload. As in your earlier post about spirituality in culture, it is a time of where many key issues concerning spirituality are being decided for our country's future. Sometimes a lot of us forget the importance of inward and outward, listening to the dialogue of our heart and being active in the world surrounding us, both thrusts within balance of each other. Such behavior is a lot to ask of busy American types, but we can be concerned about whatis happening around us and of course pray.
I prefer reading the news on the internet over watching it on tv, it allows me the time to slow down and take in the good and the bad at my own prefered pace. Watching tv news makes me feel overwhelmed with all the problems and information at hand. We could all use a better news format and type. I guess the challenge we face is: will people make efforts for such?

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