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Crystal Renaud

you've not lost your "most inspirational player" award yet. it has been inspiring watching you better yourself, for you and your family, and most of all for God. thank you for how you lead.

Katie @ Healthnut Foodie

I am a friend of your beautiful wife and a relatively new member of WFC. I love this post! I'm a "naturally thin" girl that exercises whenever I have the chance to improve my health and to be a better mommy and wife. It is important to remind people that working out is about more than just losing weight. I always love a challenge, I may just have to try this!


Thanks for posting Troy! You are a great inspiration and a wonderful cheer leader or should I say, yell leader...ok, encourager! :) Looking forward to the journey!

Genger White

I really wanted to start the Power 90 but not able to but it right now. I have really been dealing with how unhealthy I am right now and appreciate your example! I am so motivated in the small ways that I can right now to start my own journey to being healthy!

Carlton Abner

I've been doing P90x for about 3 years now and it is by far the best work out program I have ever done. It keeps my mind in the game so to speak because just like you said, my ADD mind has a hard time sticking with anything. It's an awesome program. For those struggling and wondering where to start, it doesn't have to be an intense program like this right out of the gate. It can be as simple as a ten minute walk that builds up to whatever you want it to. In most cases, the body will go where the mind is willing to take it. Rock on Troy and thanks for sharing.

Gwen Kennedy

I am so proud of your journey. I am thankful to take it with you. You are a good man.

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